Where to find cosplayers and cosplaying in Australia

While Australia is often seen as being at ‘the bottom of the world’ there are still plenty of options for cosplayers in Australia! (Trust me – i’m from Australia and I have had a fantastic time here!) Whether you’re a seasoned cosplayer or just getting started, one of the best things about the hobby is meeting like-minded people who love to dress up and have fun with it as much as you do. If you’re looking for some fellow cosplayers to connect with, here are 5 of the best places to find cosplayers and cosplaying Down Under.

Anime Expos

Anime expos are a great place to start if you’re new to cosplaying or want to meet other anime fans. These events usually involve a variety of activities such as panels, workshops, photo ops, and more. You’ll be able to find all different kinds of cosplayers at these events, from beginners to professionals. Check out Madman Anime Festival, Supanova Comic-Con & Gaming Expo, and Oz Comic-Con for some of the biggest anime expos in Australia, and these travel across the country.

Comic Conventions

Another great option for finding cosplayers is comic conventions. These events focus on everything related to comic books, including movies, tv shows, video games, and of course, cosplay! You’ll be able to find a wide range of cosplays at these events, from well-known characters to more obscure ones. Some popular comic conventions in Australia include Supanova Comic-Con & Gaming Expo and Oz Comic-Con. (note that there is a significant cross over between anime and comic events in the country)

Gaming Conventions

Love video games? Then gaming conventions are the place for you! These events feature all sorts of gaming-related activities such as tournaments, demos, merchandise, and more. You’ll also be able to find plenty of gamers who love dressing up as their favorite characters. Check out EB Games Expo and PAX Australia for some of the biggest gaming conventions – you’ll find the biggest ones in Melbourne, Victoria.

Film Festivals

If you prefer movies over TV shows or video games, then film festivals are definitely the place for you. These events showcase all kinds of films from around the world, including short films, independent films, and even some big Hollywood blockbusters. You may not find as many people dressed up at these events compared to others on this list, but if you’re lucky you might spot a few film buffs dressed as their favorite characters. The Melbourne International Film Festival and Sydney Film Festival are two of the biggest film festivals in Australia.

Local Meetups

Finally, if you’re having trouble finding any organized events near you or just want to meet some local cosplayers in a relaxed setting, then why not try attending a local meetup? These gatherings are usually low-key affairs where people can socialize, exchange tips and advice, and just have fun enjoying each other’s company. Meetup groups can be found in most major cities across Australia – just do a quick search online or on social media to find one near you!

Don’t despair down under! You can cosplay in Australia

There are plenty of great places for cosplayers to meet and mingle in Australia! Whether you’re into anime, comics, gaming, or movies, there’s sure to be an event or meetup group that caters to your interests. So get out there and start meeting some fellow cosplayers!

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