Official Character Cosplay Guides

At Click Cosplay, we have curated a collection of links to official cosplay guides that the creators of the characters themselves have provided. These comprehensive guides have been created by game developers or companies who own the intellectual property and have been made available to the public for free.

Our goal at Click Cosplay is to make it easier for cosplay enthusiasts like you to access these valuable resources. By collecting and organizing links to these official cosplay guides, we aim to provide a one-stop-shop for all your cosplay needs!

Whether you’re an experienced cosplayer or just starting out, these cosplay guides will help you create a more accurate and authentic costume. From providing specific measurements and detailing the materials needed, these guides give an insider’s look into the character’s design and style.

If you know where to find a guide for a character that isn’t on this list, please let us know! This will help us expand our collection and provide even more valuable resources for our community.

Borderlands 3


God of War: Ragnarök

Kratos and Atreus


Spartan Mark VII [Gen 3]

Halo 3: ODST

The Rookie – Jonathan Doherty

Horizon: Forbidden West


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